Unclear on the contraception – Jen Sorenson

21 Nov

Jen Sorenson is the best.

Nails a point, with this cartoon, that has bothered me since the “free” contraceptive republican/conservative/Rush Llmbaugh/Sean Hannity/Bill O’Reilly  spin machine took it up as a talking/screaming point.

Obama is giving “free stuff” away..


Is a blood test “free” when you have insurance???  Not quite,— premiums and co-pays.

Is the blood pressure medicine “free”???  Don’t believe so.

Is it “free” when you have that surgery???  No,…. no it’s not. You pay for that insurance. And you’re paying a lot more than you were 10 years ago.

From The Kos

Unclear on the contraception

birth control health insurance coverage cartoon

This notion that birth control pills are now “free,” as Romney claimed in his conference call to donors, needs to end. They are now simply covered by health insurance, which many of us pay for via hefty monthly premiums. We’re actually getting something for our money. Imagine that!

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