Quote For The Day – Benghazi

28 Nov

Quote For The Day II

“The conspiracy therefore was not to mislead the American public but to mislead America’s enemies. If Rice had gone beyond her unclassified talking points and said that Ansar al-Sharia was suspected to be behind the Benghazi attacks, no doubt she would now be being hounded for the unauthorized disclosure of classified information,” – Peter Bergen, CNN.



Came across his on Andrew Sullivan’s blog

Peter Bergen is 100% correct.

McCain, Lindsey Graham, and the rest decided they could possibly do some political damage by trying to make a Watergate sized scandal out of the Benghazi tragedy. Susan Rice, unfortunately, was the one selected to have a target painted on her back.

She read a prepared statement. That statement was given to her by intelligence people. If she had decided to improvise somehow,…. they’d be trying to hang her for that.

The whole thing being taken to the extreme that the republican party is taking it to is beyond ridiculous.

But I suppose they know that it’s getting them points with the tea-baggers, and the rest of the extremist nuts that make up their base. And they ALL have to deal with the baggers somewhere along the line.

So, in my opinion, this Benghazi craziness is a form of self-preservation for the republicans.


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Posted by on November 28, 2012 in foreign affairs, Politics


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