A Principled Stand

29 Nov

Good for you, Jeff Sessions.

Making a meaningful, principled stand against big government bureaucracy.

This is the time.

A few paragraphs – Gail Collins from the Times

Happy Talking


In Washington, it’s all people talk about. O.K., not all. But there’s a lot of rancor. John Cornyn, the new Senate minority whip, predicted to Politico that if Democrats went forward with their plans to change the filibuster rules, “It will shut down the Senate.”

If the Senate did shut down, the country would not necessarily notice much difference. This week, there was a herculean attempt to pass The Sportsmen’s Act, a large, bipartisan mix of hunting and conservation provisions that has been waiting around for ages. The bill seemed to be sailing toward success when it got entangled in a fight over the price of duck stamps — a kind of hunting license and collector item the federal government sells to raise money for conservation.

“It gives the Department of Interior, unelected bureaucrats, power to decide how much to charge for a duck stamp,” announced Jeff Sessions of Alabama. This was certainly a powerful argument — first, the duck stamps; next, the death panels. But supporters suspected that the real issue was partisan ire over the filibuster fight.

The bill took a swan dive on a parliamentary motion. Life went on.

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