Chris Christie rips the Republican House

02 Jan

I don’t like Chris Christie. I’m 100% with Paul Constant  (and I love he way he words it)

He’s a dick.

But I have to admit that Chistie is more of a human being than most of his conservative republican buddies.

And I really don’t mind him pointing out their heartlessness. Boehner had to straighten things out quick, and promise a vote on the hurricane Sandy relief in the very near future.

The republican machine has all the nuts and bolts shaking loose.  Love it.  An amazingly beautiful thing to witness. Cro-mags infighting,… this time regionally. Them Southerners and them Westerners just don’t like them rich Yankees. “They don’t need no damn help”

Just wish it would happen faster. They’re still capable of major, major damage.

Stay in the self-destruct mode guys. You’ll help the country.


 Watch Chris Christie Tear House Republicans a New Asshole


– “I’m sure we’re about to see Democrats announce their undying love for Chris Christie after this video spreads far and wide. Those Democrats should remember that Chris Christie is a dick. Just because he’s on the right side this time doesn’t make him any less of a dick. He’s just a dick who happens to be right”.




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Posted by on January 2, 2013 in Economy, Politics


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