A Gun Nut you just have to see

08 Jan

This is the type that everybody wants fully locked and loaded at all times??

Don’t you get the feeling that he’d squeeze off a few in your direction if you told him you didn’t like his haircut??

Absolutely nuts.

And actually, I have no great appreciation for Piers Morgan. But, I turn the satellite radio or my TV to a different channel if I don’t want to hear him.

It’s pretty much that easy. No deportation necessary.

The redcoat line is pretty rich. Living in the 1770s. Amazing. And here’s a disclaimer…… my grandmother on my father’s side was straight off the boat from Liverpool. She didn’t like guns either. Guess she should have been shipped back.  Who knew.

Unfortunately, I know a few people that think along these lines. Nowhere near this guy, but still pretty scary, with some wacky conspiracy theories floating around in their heads at all times.

Then check this out. There’s a video. The “crackheads” are gonna take him out. Would be tough to write this into a comedy. Onion material.

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