Better Days

28 May

I believe the republicans have a point.

I think we need to get back to the time when a leisurely boat trip down a scenic river could be a great way to spend a day.

 The Cuyahoga River was once one of the most polluted rivers in the United States as represented by the multitude of times it has caught fire, a recorded number of thirteen starting in 1868.  The most potent blaze occurred in 1952 which caused over $1.3 million in damages however, the most fatal fire happened in 1912 with a documented five deaths.  The 1969 fire, which did not incur maximum damages or fatally wound any citizen, was the most covered incident occuring on the river.  This was in part because of the developing precedence that sanitation held over industrial actions; the United States was becoming more eco-aware.  Also, due to the shift from industry to technology, waste dumping to recycling Time Magazine produced an article about the incident.  This brought mass amount of attention to the Cleveland area and added pressure for hygienic regulation
 This type of thing will at least keep us moving in the right direction.
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Posted by on May 28, 2013 in Economy, Environment, Health, Politics


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