Just how stupid,… collectively,… are these people??

29 May

When you think that the last thing Louis Gohmert, “Crazy eyes” Michelle Bachman, Ted Cruz, Hannity, Glenn Beck, etc.,…. said was the dumbest thing any human being has EVER come up with,….. well just wait another day or so and there’s a good chance you were mistaken.

This guy in Washington State has put himself at the front of the wing nut stupid line for the moment. It’s a long line. He may not be there for any length of time, because there’s some very stiff competition. But he seems to be determined to get his 15 minutes of asinine fame.

Like I always say though, the thing that worries me the most is that there are people willing to vote these guys into a place where they make decisions. And that is a very scary thing.

Amazing, amazing, amazing. If they weren’t so dangerous, they’d be good for a few laughs every single day.

Had to pass this on from Laura Clawson at The Kos

Washington GOP legislator: Bridge collapse no big deal because only part fell into the river

byLaura Clawson

View from above of collapsed I-5 bridge over Skagit River between Washington state and Vancouver, with boats in the water inspecting the damage.

attribution: Screenshot/AP video

Republican Washington state Rep. Ed Orcutt does not think that last week’s collapse of the I-5 bridge collapse is a sign that the government should be fixing bridges, at least not before they collapse:

[I]t is clear that the reason for the collapse was due to a collision with the super structure of the bridge—not a lack of structural integrity of the bridge. The bridge would indeed be standing today had the truck’s load NOT rammed the super structure of the bridge. In fact, 11 of the 12 sections of the bridge are still standing.

Call me crazy, but I feel like in a collision between a truck and a bridge, the truck should be damaged more than the bridge. Yet that was not the case here. Far from it: The truck kept going, while the bridge fell into the river. Also, as Goldy observes,

The problem is, 92 percent of a bridge isn’t a bridge. And as a result, an I-5 corridor missing just 8 percent of one span is no longer a corridor.

Shockingly, this may not even be the stupidest thing Orcutt has said in recent months. His view that bicycling is bad for the environment because cyclists’ “increased heart rate and respiration … results in greater emissions of carbon dioxide from the rider” is stiff competition even with the view that 11 of 12 sections of a bridge are good enough.(Via Charles Pierce)

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