The Eyes of Texas,… and the Nation,… ARE Upon You

30 Jun

Apparently the only way republicans can “connect” with people is with mace, tear
gas, and full body armor.

Because starting a fairly large group of (what look like very dangrerous) citizens into a pretty spirited rendition of a song that represents your affection and loyalty to your state is now considered to be “inciting a riot”.
Take a look at these short videos, and go read the article at the Burnt Orange Report, …….
“Riot” ???????? …………,  Please……..
And Leigh Larson’s (who I have to say is one of the more dangerous looking people involved here)  reaction is one of the best I’ve ever seen…………..
“I’m not gonna worry about it, I have a Spanish test on Tuesday.”

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst & Atty. Gen. Greg Abbott Consider Charges Against Student Who Led Eyes of Texas

 Sat Jun 29, 2013
Leigh Larson, a leader of and organizer with College Kids For
, is now becoming another face of the movement to Stand With Texas
Women. Much like Martha
, Larson has received a lot of plaudits for leading the “Eyes of
Texas” in the Capitol Rotunda at the end of Tuesday night’s citizen
filibuster.Now Lt. Governor David Dewhurst may have his eyes on her. She has
received notice that the Lt. Governor and Attorney General Greg Abbott may be
considering pressing charges on her along with others for “disturbing the peace”
and “inciting a riot”.
I was sitting with Leigh when she first heard the
rumor and she had the following response:“I’m not gonna worry about it, I
have a Spanish test on Tuesday.”

Brilliant. I imagine Ann Richards would be proud

Update,– A little trouble with the formatting today for some reason. WordPress isn’t cooperating. Apologies,… but you’ll get the idea.

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