I’m more and more amazed

07 May

The stupidity just keeps coming.

It seems endless.

I suppose murder is good for the economy, … it makes work for cops, detectives, forensic specialists, funeral directors, and many more.

A boon.


It’s dirty work, but …

Pipeline builder says oil spills can be good for the economy

Cleaning up the Kalmazoo River
Mic Stolz
Kinder Morgan’s idea of job creation.

Kinder Morgan wants to spend $5.4 billion tripling the capacity of an oil pipeline between the tar sands of Alberta and the Vancouver, B.C., area. Yes, the company acknowledges, there’s always the chance of a “large pipeline spill.” But it says the “probability” of such an accident is “low.” And anyway, if a spill does happen, it could be an economic boon.

“Spill response and cleanup” after oil pipeline ruptures, such as the emergency operations near Kalamazoo, Mich., in 2010 and in the Arkansas community of Mayflower last year, create “business and employment opportunities for affected communities, regions, and cleanup service providers,” the company argues.

Those aren’t the outrageous comments of a company executive shooting off his mouth while a reporter happened to be neaby. Those are quotes taken from an official document provided to the Canadian government in support of the company’s efforts to expand its pipeline.


It’s a bit like claiming cancer caused by nuclear accidents can be great because it provides work for oncologists. Here’s more from The Vancouver Sun:

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Posted by on May 7, 2014 in Economy, Environment, Politics, Science


One response to “I’m more and more amazed

  1. theminstrelscitadel

    May 7, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    Makes me want to projectile vomit in such vast amounts that the company would need to hire a cleanup crew…


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