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Let’s All Wish Cain a (not so) Fond Farewell

Well, it’s official … or as official as it can be with the definitive avoiding Cain campaign … but Herman has ‘suspended’ his campaign.  The Herman Cain art project is over.  Now it would seem he will try to morph himself into a professional gadfly, a la Sarah Palin,

“I am not going to be silenced, and I am not going away,” Cain declared, unveiling a “Plan B” that will include speaking out, a new website and an endorsement of one of his former rivals.

The Cain campaign, aside from being painfully comical, has been very instructive on the current state of the GOP base.

  • 9-9-9 The party faithful just oozed over his simply, catchy, stolen from SimCity tax plan.  A tax plan that would have resulted in the greatest upward transfer of wealth ever, the effective destruction of Social Security and Medicare, and the effective crippling of the Federal government.  Not to mention the plan would raise taxes on the lower 84% of taxpayers.  Again, the chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.
  • Anti-Intellectualism His Uzbeki-beki-stan-stan comment.  His painful non-answer to a question on Libya.  The party faithful are completely enamored of ignorance.  The GOP encourages ignorance among it’s followers.  It allows them to deny global warming in the face of a Mt Everest of scientific data.  They can push economic and tax policies and get support among middle class voters even though these policies are demonstrably destructive to the middle class.  The base angrily wallows like pigs in a slop of sound bites about individualism and American exceptionalism, now convinced that migrant farm workers, welfare mothers, and union workers are responsible for their plight, not the poor oppressed bankers and corporate magnates that drove the economy of the cliff in the first place.
  • Sexual Harassment Allegations Harassing women with unwanted sexually advances in the context of abuse of power – no big deal.  But engage in a 13 year consensual affair – ohhhh that’s bad.  WTF is wrong with you people?!?

So Herman, I would like to wish you a (not so) fond farewell from politics.  Your campaign was entertaining, infuriating, frightening and very telling of the state of the core of the GOP.  And to all you Cain supporters out there, those of you who truly believed a Cain presidency would give you a better life and a stronger nation … please, please, please schedule a tubal ligation or vasectomy at your early convenience.  Your stupidity should never be allowed to propagate.

read on to see a retrospective of Herman’s greatest hits

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Even Hitler Likes 9-9-9

First the Koch brothers, now ….

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