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Hope everyone had a lovely holiday!  Now back at it.  Let’s what Santa left us in the wit stocking.

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Barney Frank Retiring in 2012


per politico

Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank, the powerful top Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee, will announce Monday that he is retiring from the seat he has held for more than three decades.

During his 16 terms in office, Frank emerged as an icon – a no-holds-barred, often cantankerous liberal who was at the center of the House’s most contentious policy debates – most recently playing a key role in designing the 2009 bank bailout and the financial regulatory overhaul.

He is really one of the good guys.  He called things as he saw them often with no filter.  He was most definitely on the side of the average joe.

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The GOP’s dual trigger nightmare in one graph

Looking at this graph from Ezra Klein makes me say, screw it Obama, don’t do anything – let the supercommittee cuts go through AND the Bush tax cuts expire. It is the best option presented so far …

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And They Still Don’t Get It


Article here

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