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Dick(s) of the Week

So many to choose from,….. but I’ll pick this topic because I don’t know if enough people are aware of what these dicks are trying to ram (sorry) through.

There’s been a concerted effort in the last year by republicans, to legislate much stricter voter registration laws. In the name of curbing voter fraud at the polls. — Voter fraud that doesn’t exist.—  It’s being billed as a preemptive measure,…. you know,…. just in case someone TRIES to committ some kind of fraud. And, (not-so) coincidentally, this would erase many votes that would normally go to a democrat.  Imagine that. Disenfranchise your opponent. Voter suppression.

Dennis Baxley, Sponsor Of Strict Florida Voting Law, Admits No Widespread Fraud

Here’s the, (IMO), most important fact in this story,      —–      Sharpton questioned the need for more restrictive laws, noting that there has only been 31 cases of alleged voter fraud in the past three years. Baxley said it doesn’t matter. 

 31 cases of alleged fraud in 3 years,—- yep, I’d say we need to write a whole new set of laws for that.  I’m not sure you could come up with a more blatant abuse of legislative power, with a more transparent reason.     Dicks.

 And just for good measure,…. so that you don’t think this is an isolated incident,…. here’s an article from March of this year————–       Baxley didn’t come up with the idea himself. 

 And my personal favorite from an a-hole in  New Hampshire——- 

In a recent speech, New Hampshire state House speaker William O’Brien called student voters foolish and implied that they only vote liberal because they lack life experience, reports the Washington Post.
  Trying to tell us that young people just ain’t bright enough or experienced enough to trust with the vote.    Hmmnnnnn,—-  I think I’ll stick with my old philosophy on that.  If they are old enough, bright enough, and you can trust them enough to——– fight wars, give birth to and take care of children, work and therefore pay taxes, or study and pick up a degree ——– You have the right to vote.   Call me crazy and irresponsible.

Bonus – Dumbass Of The Week

A little addendum to Dick of the Week from Toph here.

Got a note from a friend of mine in Austin, TX, “Hey, Chris, our governor is stupider than your governor. And way more entertaining!” … too true

And with that lead-in, our Dumbass of the Week goes to Rick Perry for the icing on his blooper-ridden cake of a campaign. When you post a homophobic campaign video, you might want to disable the Like/Dislike function.

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