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And They’re At The Gate And Ready To Go

And with only a few days to go, it’s turning into a horse race … Mitt an Ron are neck and neck … Newt is fading to the pack … Oh What Is This! Santorum is surging round the last turn! Oh boy I am hoping for a photo finish 🙂 My guess, polls aside, is given the strong turnout by the batshit social conservatives that it will be Ron Paul (a quadrennial favorite in Iowa), Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney in that order.

So what cuteness abounds

  • LMFAO – So, Bachman’s campaign co-chairman in Iowa, Kent Sorenson, switches sides to Ron Paul at the last minute … then she accuses the Ron Paul campaign of essential bribing him to do so … then her Iowa political director comes out in defense of Sorenson.  Oh lady, you are so done.  Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.
  • Well here is an endorsement that should automatically disqualify Newt.  Art Laffer, of the Laffer Curve and an architect of supply side economics,

“The purpose of economic policy is growth, jobs, and prosperity,” supply-side founder Art Laffer told me today. As such, Laffer has endorsed Newt Gingrich and the Gingrich 15 percent flat-tax plan, which includes the 12.5 percent corporate-tax reform. “It’s nothing against the other candidates,” Laffer said. “But Newt’s plan is right, and therefore endorsing him is the right thing to do.”

which means Newt’s plan will screw us all

“It is, and I don’t think it can be explained by anything that the president has done in a positive way,” syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said about President Obama’s rising approving ratings. “I think it’s explicable by two things. The first is the ridiculous way that the Republicans have conducted themselves in the Congress, particularly in the last couple weeks where they were given a victory early on, and they kicked it away and achieved really nothing in terms of cutting spending or any of their real objectives, but suffered politically, making Obama look like at least a grown-up.

  • Erick Erickson hates Rick Santorum. Who would have guessed?
  • Remember Jon Huntsman? Didn’t think so …
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