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And They’re At The Gate And Ready To Go

And with only a few days to go, it’s turning into a horse race … Mitt an Ron are neck and neck … Newt is fading to the pack … Oh What Is This! Santorum is surging round the last turn! Oh boy I am hoping for a photo finish 🙂 My guess, polls aside, is given the strong turnout by the batshit social conservatives that it will be Ron Paul (a quadrennial favorite in Iowa), Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney in that order.

So what cuteness abounds

  • LMFAO – So, Bachman’s campaign co-chairman in Iowa, Kent Sorenson, switches sides to Ron Paul at the last minute … then she accuses the Ron Paul campaign of essential bribing him to do so … then her Iowa political director comes out in defense of Sorenson.  Oh lady, you are so done.  Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.
  • Well here is an endorsement that should automatically disqualify Newt.  Art Laffer, of the Laffer Curve and an architect of supply side economics,

“The purpose of economic policy is growth, jobs, and prosperity,” supply-side founder Art Laffer told me today. As such, Laffer has endorsed Newt Gingrich and the Gingrich 15 percent flat-tax plan, which includes the 12.5 percent corporate-tax reform. “It’s nothing against the other candidates,” Laffer said. “But Newt’s plan is right, and therefore endorsing him is the right thing to do.”

which means Newt’s plan will screw us all

“It is, and I don’t think it can be explained by anything that the president has done in a positive way,” syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said about President Obama’s rising approving ratings. “I think it’s explicable by two things. The first is the ridiculous way that the Republicans have conducted themselves in the Congress, particularly in the last couple weeks where they were given a victory early on, and they kicked it away and achieved really nothing in terms of cutting spending or any of their real objectives, but suffered politically, making Obama look like at least a grown-up.

  • Erick Erickson hates Rick Santorum. Who would have guessed?
  • Remember Jon Huntsman? Didn’t think so …
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I know people sometimes joke that Canada is the 51st state, but … oh yeah, Rick’s a moron?

“Every barrel of oil that comes out of those sands in Canada is a barrel of oil that we don’t have to buy from a foreign source,” Mr. (Rick)Perry said in Clarinda, earning a loud round of enthusiastic applause.

and it just gets better

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio (the AZ anti-immigration poster boy) , a top surrogate for Perry, especially on the issue of immigration, introduced the candidate at the breakfast meeting (in Iowa), beginning his remarks with a shout out to the “Buckeyes.”

Christ, I am amazed the didn’t put his head on a pike. The Buckeyes are Ohio, btw. And Perry also found a concrete example of the evil’s of Obamacare,

“She came up to me and she said ‘Governor, if you don’t get rid of Obamacare, I’m dead,” he recounted. “She said they will never take care of me. And that’s a powerful testimony by that lady.”

because Obamacare will? Oh, facts and details, silly me

And as a bit of randomness, check out DonkeyHotey’s flickr site and/or Blog. He does some pretty awesome caricatures

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(Belated) Sunday Reads

Sorry for the delay, but a few belated Sunday reads

  • Of the Republican field I have to say that I really do like Ron Paul.  Not because I agree with his policy positions, in fact I disagree with many of them.  But I respect the fact that he is consistent in what he says, and that he does actually believe in what he says.  He may be the only honest man in the Republican party. Five Myths About Ron Paul
  • Now on the other side is Newt Gingrich.  One of the more repulsive figures of Republicandom who’s political fortunes have risen from the dead like the zombies in the Walking Dead.  Five Myths About Newt Gingrich

  • Rick Perry’s homophobic “Strong” ad is on track to be one of the most disliked videos in You tube history.  Seems it is currently it is in third place with 600K+ dislikes as of 10pm EST.
  • Ross Douthat says Gingrich is to Republicans what Kerry was to Democrats in 2004, and has this Great closing line,

Conservatives may want catharsis, but the rest of the public seems to mainly want reassurance. They already know Barack Obama isn’t the messiah he was once cracked up to be. What they don’t know is whether they can trust anyone else to do better.

  • Besides the fact offering to make a $10,000 bet kinda ruins that whole “guy next door” thing for Mitt, doesn’t Mormonism frown upon gambling?
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Funnies for the Day

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Dick(s) of the Week

So many to choose from,….. but I’ll pick this topic because I don’t know if enough people are aware of what these dicks are trying to ram (sorry) through.

There’s been a concerted effort in the last year by republicans, to legislate much stricter voter registration laws. In the name of curbing voter fraud at the polls. — Voter fraud that doesn’t exist.—  It’s being billed as a preemptive measure,…. you know,…. just in case someone TRIES to committ some kind of fraud. And, (not-so) coincidentally, this would erase many votes that would normally go to a democrat.  Imagine that. Disenfranchise your opponent. Voter suppression.

Dennis Baxley, Sponsor Of Strict Florida Voting Law, Admits No Widespread Fraud

Here’s the, (IMO), most important fact in this story,      —–      Sharpton questioned the need for more restrictive laws, noting that there has only been 31 cases of alleged voter fraud in the past three years. Baxley said it doesn’t matter. 

 31 cases of alleged fraud in 3 years,—- yep, I’d say we need to write a whole new set of laws for that.  I’m not sure you could come up with a more blatant abuse of legislative power, with a more transparent reason.     Dicks.

 And just for good measure,…. so that you don’t think this is an isolated incident,…. here’s an article from March of this year————–       Baxley didn’t come up with the idea himself. 

 And my personal favorite from an a-hole in  New Hampshire——- 

In a recent speech, New Hampshire state House speaker William O’Brien called student voters foolish and implied that they only vote liberal because they lack life experience, reports the Washington Post.
  Trying to tell us that young people just ain’t bright enough or experienced enough to trust with the vote.    Hmmnnnnn,—-  I think I’ll stick with my old philosophy on that.  If they are old enough, bright enough, and you can trust them enough to——– fight wars, give birth to and take care of children, work and therefore pay taxes, or study and pick up a degree ——– You have the right to vote.   Call me crazy and irresponsible.

Bonus – Dumbass Of The Week

A little addendum to Dick of the Week from Toph here.

Got a note from a friend of mine in Austin, TX, “Hey, Chris, our governor is stupider than your governor. And way more entertaining!” … too true

And with that lead-in, our Dumbass of the Week goes to Rick Perry for the icing on his blooper-ridden cake of a campaign. When you post a homophobic campaign video, you might want to disable the Like/Dislike function.

As of 9pm MST, the counter was still rolling here

And a special thanks to all our readers out there – we’ve hit 2000 views in just under 8 weeks in existence. Thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts!

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Rick Perry’s “Drunken Speech”

If you haven’t seen this you should.  These are “highlights” of a speech he gave in NH to the conservative group Cornerstone Action.  I don’t know if he was drunk, stoned, or just coming off of a Rodney Dangerfield marathon. How can anyone seriously consider this man for president.

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