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Reasons Why The Extreme Right are A**holes

Just deluged with so many examples this morning, I had to share

  • Here’s Rick Santorum On abortion after rape – “make the best of a bad situation”Vodpod videos no longer available.


Hal Rounds, the Fayette County attorney and spokesman for the group, said during a recent news conference that there has been “an awful lot of made-up criticism about, for instance, the founders intruding on the Indians or having slaves or being hypocrites in one way or another.”

No Hal, it’s not made up, it’s documented fact.  What is this new right wing chic about not being able to point out faults with anything they admire. Criticizing Mittens about Bain’s “Vulture Capitalism” is an attack on capitalism itself.  Criticizing the founders of the country for owning slaves or exterminating the indians is an assault on our origins.

“The thing we need to focus on about the founders is that, given the social structure of their time, they were revolutionaries who brought liberty into a world where it hadn’t existed, to everybody — not all equally instantly — and it was their progress that we need to look at”

No one is saying they didn’t do great things, but they DID have faults.  Slavery was wrong.  You can wrap it up in whatever “social structure” argument you like, it was wrong.  It is this absolutism that is driving me batty.  Everyone and everything has to either be saintly or demonic, nothing in between.



  • Republican members of congress have made a video appeal (beg actaully) to Obama to not let the $500B in defense cuts outlined in the debt-ceiling/super-comittee nonsense (ya know, the nonsense that was THEIR idea) come to pass. Our dense budget is as big as the next 16 countries combined you morons.  Defense and Security spending account for almost a third of our budget for god’s sake
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The GOP’s dual trigger nightmare in one graph

Looking at this graph from Ezra Klein makes me say, screw it Obama, don’t do anything – let the supercommittee cuts go through AND the Bush tax cuts expire. It is the best option presented so far …

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Jared Bernstein

Well,… at least the republicans on the supercommittee are making an effort———–

From the Depressing to the Ridiculous

Nov 18, 2011

OK, the supercommittee needs to go home for the weekend. According to my colleague Paul Van de Water:

Republicans on the supercommittee have made a new offer that would reduce deficits by $640 billion over the next decade, according to news reports (here and here). The Republican offer consists of roughly $542 billion in spending cuts and $3 billion in revenues, meaning the ratio of spending cuts to revenue increases in the plan is 181 to 1…When one includes the $900 billion in discretionary spending cuts already enacted in the Budget Control Act, the plan’s total deficit reduction rises to about $1.445 trillion, and its ratio of spending cuts to revenue increases rises to 481 to 1.

The D’s have rejected the offer as…um…unbalanced.

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