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Republicans Fight for The Oppressed … Oil Co’s and DOD

Those poor poor fuckers … the Oil Companies.  The Republicans have again saved them from ‘losing’ $4.4 Billion a year.   You can argue about their profits, their overseas taxes, rising gas prices, but at the heart of it they are being SUBSIDIZED.  Yes, we would be paying more for gas at the pump if the subsidies go away … but we are already paying for it in the form of the the money the subsidies add to the debt, they’re already taking it out of our pockets.  This is one of the most brazen examples of the republicans plutocratic bent.

The other little tidbit I liked was this interview with Paul Ryan.  He is arguing that he is giving the military a larger budget than the generals are asking for because he knows better than them what they need.  Arrogant prick.

ROBERTS: Why did the committee choose to go against the advice of the generals?

RYAN: We don’t think the generals are giving us their true advice. We don’t think the generals believe that their budget is really the right budget. I believe that the president’s budget by virtue of the fact that when he released his budget number of about $500 billion, the number was announced at the same time they announced the beginning of their strategy review of the Pentagon’s budget. So what we get from the Pentagon is more of a budget driven strategy, not a strategy driven budget.

So … fuck the poor, fuck the middle class, fuck infrastructure, fuck education, for we mush save corporate America.  And make no mistake, aside from their sheer hawkishness, Republican support of the DOD is also a proxy for supporting their corporate buddies like Halliburton and Lockheed.

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A Different Take on Big Oil—– Spills

Chevron’s Brazil Oil Spill: What it looks like when no one defends oil company lies

 Apparently Brazil doesn’t have anything akin to our republican party. (maybe we’ve cornered the market on ‘crazy’? Michele Bachman beats everyone but Kim Jong IL, in my opinion)  

Evidenced by their not having anyone defend Chevron’s recent spill off their coast.

Remember this?—  Joe Barton thought BP had been bullied—

 In something that may come as a shock to Americans who watched Republican Rep. Joe Barton apologize to BP for the Gulf Coast Oil Disaster, it is Chevron that is eager to apologize and accept the punishments that have thus far been levied against the company.

 Seems that the people in Brazil want  big oil to act responsibly. While they know that oil production means a lot to their economy and their future, they also realize that Chevron and others will tell massive lies whenever necessary. They’d rather not repeat Ecuador’s experience…….

“Do not trust Chevron,” said Ecuadorian lawyer Pablo Fajardo, who led the lawsuit against the oil giant. “Chevron took our oil, polluted our rainforest, harmed and killed our people, committed fraud, and then tried to cover it up.”

Fajardo added, “Chevron’s handling of the oil spill in Brazil shows that the company has a systemic problem in failing to meet its environmental obligations to the communities where it does business. From what we have observed in Latin America, Chevron officials simply lie about environmental problems as part of the company’s business model. ”

Humberto Piaguaje, an indigenous leader in the area of Ecuador where Chevron operated, said, “In Ecuador, we have lived with Chevron’s contamination for five decades, and the company has refused to pay for the damage and destruction it caused. All governments in Latin America should beware of these basic facts before they do business with Chevron,” said Piaguaje.

A recent court judgment, issued after an eight-year trial, found that Chevron intentionally dumped billions of gallons of toxic wastewater into the rainforest when it operated in Ecuador from 1964 to 1992. The court found the company left more than 900 unlined waste pits that to this day contaminate groundwater and nearby rivers and streams, decimating indigenous groups and farmer communities who no longer have access to clean water.

 Drill baby drill!!   Deregulate baby deregulate!!


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